Welcome to MAT Fitness Training

This workshop has a variety of services
  1. One-on-one personal trainer course
  2. "Fat Reduction", "Shaping", "Muscle Gain"
  3. Sports plan design / customization
  4. Physical therapy for muscle pain (muscle patch)
  5. Team Training( Running/Bodybuilding/Spartan training)

About Our Coaches


  Certified Correction Analyst

3DMAPs dynamic analysis and performance system is the latest training to effectively analyze and strengthen the entire body, using an efficient, visual, and evidence-based system


International Certified Coach

National Athletic Association Certified Coach

ACE is one of the four major coach certifications in the world. Research is conducted by sports academic institutions to obtain the most neutral and objective knowledge.


Class C Muscle Sports Injury Patcher

Internationally Certified Muscle Faculty. This is a professionally recognized international authority certificate that is globally recognized. Provide sports injury, musculoskeletal system rehabilitation.

Muscle patches make exercise less painful


[What is a muscle patch? 】

In recent years, "muscle patch" has gradually become popular in clinical applications. It has become the most popular treatment aid in doctors and physical therapists in international medical systems such as Europe and the United States. Muscle patch is an elastic patch composed of cotton-like cloth, special gel and backing paper; the wavy pattern on the back of the patch is an elastic fiber that imitates the human body and can be stuck on the human body. With the retraction and elastic force of the patch, it mimics the effect of muscle or fascia force; it can only assist the muscles to exert strength and stimulate the skin muscles to achieve analgesic effects.



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